Custom Cakes in Merritt Island/Cocoa

Do you need a custom cake in your area? Here at The Cupcake, we got you covered. We offer regular cakes as well as custom cakes. For more info and pictures, check out our full menu here, or call us at 321-470-4438.

The Cupcake also specializes in custom cupcakes, cupcakes for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, gender reveals, school events, memorials, seasonal cupcakes, and every holiday you can think of.

Custom Cakes at The Cupcake!






-Red Velvet

-Yellow Cake




-Chocolate Buttercream

-Fresh Strawberries

-Oreo Cookie

We are a home bakery located in Merritt Island, Florida. We also serve our surrounding areas such as Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge and Melbourne. To see some of our custom work, follow us on Instagram!

How Long Do Our Cakes Last?

Our cakes typically last 3-7 days in the refrigerator. I recommend taking your cake out 30-45 minutes before enjoying to soften the buttercream.

Remember to read the care card that’s included with your order on how to handle and store your cake. Never leave your cake out in the heat or direct sunlight, as buttercream does melt.

Mini Cake

Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes

Apart from cakes, we also offer pull apart cupcake cakes. These cakes are very popular for parties, events and kid’s birthday because everyone can just pull a cupcake without the need of cutting slices, plates etc.

Please read our policy page that answers all your Q&A’s regarding cake orders.

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For the best custom cakes in Merritt Island, Fl call or text us today to place your order. You can also check out our full menu here.

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