Can You Put Foil Cupcake Liners In The Microwave? (Answered)

Microwaves are truly underrated in terms of what you can use them for. Many recipes can easily be adapted to be microwave friendly, including cake and cupcakes. If you like to use foil cupcake liners for baking, you may want to know if you can use them in the microwave.

You should never put foil of any kind inside a microwave. It’s difficult to get a consistent bake using foil in the microwave, as these liners are more likely to burn or melt before your cupcakes start baking. Foil liners may also consist of materials that can catch fire in a microwave. 

It might seem strange to bake in the microwave, but it’s a nice way to get a small batch of cupcakes quickly. When you use the right recipe you can still get yummy, moist cupcakes; just be sure to skip the foil. 

Microwaving Foil Cupcake Liners: Is it Safe or a Recipe for Disaster?

Microwaving foil cupcake liners isn’t safe. Foil liners are able to withstand a solid amount of heat, but it all depends on the heat source itself.

The concern with using foil cupcake liners in particular inside a microwave is that they tend to be fairly thin pieces of foil. 

The heat from a microwave is too concentrated for thin foil to withstand it for very long, so foil in a microwave can cause a fire very quickly. The same is true of paper liners that have any kind of foil decoration or foil lining.

Foil liners are better suited for baking cupcakes the old fashioned way. There are foil cupcake liners that are advertised as being safe for the microwave now, especially since microwave baking hacks have become so prevalent.

The risk of potential burning your cupcakes or cupcake liners or causing a fire outweighs the benefits of making a quick cupcake. 

If you want to use a microwave to warm up a cupcake that’s already been baked, a few seconds in the microwave should be okay regardless of your liner.

To be extra cautious, it may be best to take your cupcake liner off before using the microwave for reheating cupcakes on the off-chance it’s particularly flammable. 

What Cupcake Liners Are Safe for the Microwave?

Paper cupcake liners can be used in a microwave. You’ll need to have a microwave safe cupcake or muffin pan in order to use these liners, however, or they’ll instantly collapse from the batter.

Furthermore, you have to watch paper liners closely. If they’re in the microwave too long, they could potentially catch on fire. 

You’re bound to have more success using silicone cupcake liners in a microwave for better results.

They can withstand higher temperatures and retain their shape much better than other liners without needing to have a muffin tin. It’s important to ensure silicone liners are dry and aren’t sprayed with cooking spray before filling them with batter and baking them in the microwave.

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Of course, liners are only microwave-safe when you use them in the microwave correctly. You need to bake cupcakes in short spurts of time to avoid having any of your liners getting burnt.

You should only microwave cupcakes for 15 seconds at a time, and never put paper liners in the microwave without a microwave-safe cupcake tin. 

How Do You Use Foil Lined Cupcake Liners?

Foil cupcake liners work exactly like any other cupcake liner. One of the advantages of foil liners is that you don’t need a muffin tin to bake cupcakes.

You can simply line your cookie sheet or flat pan with foil liners and they’ll keep your cupcake intact while they go from batter to baked. However, cupcakes might turn out a little bigger than they do in muffin tins. 

Otherwise, foil cupcake liners are just as functional and versatile as standard paper cupcake liners. You use them the exact same way, and they bake your cupcakes with the same consistency and moisture retainment. The difference is because foil liners are a bit thicker, they maintain structure better. 

Do You Need To Spray Foil Liners?

Foil liners don’t need to be sprayed to avoid stickiness. Sometimes they’ll be made with their own non-stick coating so they peel off of your cupcake liners easily.

Regardless, the purpose of cupcake liners is to ensure cupcakes don’t stick to the pan without having to add extra grease. 

There should be enough moisture in your batter that you don’t need to spray, especially if your recipe contains oil or butter. If you find your cupcakes always seem to stick to liners, a thin layer of spray can be helpful. 

Sometimes spraying liners can cause them to get a little bit too hot which might cause liners to get scorched, even in the oven. Heat can get concentrated towards the spray instead of the cupcakes, so you could end up with an inconsistent bake.

Your cupcake liners could also become spotted and stained because of the excess oil. 

Can You Put Foil Cupcake Liners in an Air Fryer?

Foil cupcake liners are completely safe in an air fryer. Believe it or not, air fryer cupcakes are quite tasty. To make air fryer cupcakes, foil liners are the best choice to get the most even bake and best tasting finished product.

Air fryer cupcakes can be baked in about 10 minutes and they come out nice and soft, and no flavor or moisture is lost in the process. 


Foil cupcake liners are often not microwave safe and are not the best choice for baking cupcakes this way. Paper or silicone liners will hold up much better in a microwave. You run the risk of ruining your cupcakes or potentially starting a fire in your microwave if you aren’t extremely cautious. 

Ultimately, trying to make microwave cupcakes can be a more complicated endeavor than it seems, though it is a good way to get a small batch of some quick cupcakes that still taste yummy.

Foil cupcake liners are fantastic, but they aren’t always great for every baking situation. Happy baking!

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