Can You Eat Cupcakes With Braces? (Explained)

When you get braces, you have to make a few temporary changes to your diet to make sure your braces can do their job. You might wonder however, if you have to ditch your sweet tooth while you have braces. For example, can you eat cupcakes with braces?

Some cupcakes will be perfectly fine to eat after getting braces, but some types of cupcakes and desserts might get stuck inside your braces. 

You don’t have to say goodbye to cupcakes all together until your braces come off; you just have to be a little more careful about the kind of cupcakes you end up eating and what ingredients are added to them.  

Can You Eat Cupcakes With Braces?

Cupcakes in general are acceptable to eat on occasion when you have braces. It ultimately depends on the ingredients used, especially when it comes to icing and decorations. Small bits can end up getting lodged into your braces which can not only be painful, but difficult to remove. 

Understanding Cupcakes

Cupcakes have a few standard ingredients that make it into pretty much every recipe. The nice thing is these typical components of a cupcake aren’t going to have an impact on your braces and their structure. 

Ingredients of a Typical Cupcake

A basic breakdown of any cupcake recipe involves flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and eggs. Recipes will often also include either butter or some form of oil. Cupcakes also get decorated with frosting or icing, which is where cupcake ingredients become more varied. 

Variations in Cupcake Recipes

As you begin to create more elaborate and decadent desserts, there may be some ingredients that aren’t friendly for braces. This could include sprinkles, fondant, caramels, or candies. Some types of icing can be stickier than others. Icing with small pieces of candy or chocolate mixed in might also be tough to eat with braces. 

Potential Dangers of Eating Cupcakes With Braces

Remnants of cupcakes can possibly get stuck in braces, so brushing your teeth thoroughly after indulging in a sweet treat is important. Trying to chew on hard candies, toffee, or caramels could put a lot of unnecessary strain on the integrity of your braces. These could also end up breaking important parts of your braces, even if the hard food is small. 

If you do get small pieces stuck in your braces, I recommend using a Slim Brush Cleaner. This tool is designed to get food out of hard to reach area sin your braces.

It’s a lot more difficult to clean your teeth and get into the nooks and crannies between teeth when you have braces on. You don’t want any of those small bits of food sticking between your teeth for too long, especially if they’re sugary, because they can end up leading to tooth decay. 

If you are looking for healthy, zero sugar cupcakes, check out our Sugar Free Cupcakes here! They are made with zero sugar, which means less wear on your braces.

Braces-Friendly Cupcake Options

You don’t have to give up cupcakes entirely until you get your braces removed. Chances are, you’re not eating them daily anyway. However, when you want to enjoy a sweet treat, there are ways to enjoy cupcakes that are braces-friendly and still extremely decadent and delicious. 

Soft Cupcake Recipes

Most cupcakes will naturally be soft, but that softness is especially important when you’re eating them with braces. Be sure you don’t overmix your batter so the cupcakes remain fluffy and don’t become chewy during the baking process. There are some yummy ways you can up the ante on the moisture inside your cupcakes to the point where they essentially melt in your mouth. 

One way to do this is to swap your typical dairy products for dairy that is thicker and more substantial in consistency, such as with some Greek yogurt or sour cream. That said, you don’t want these substitutes to be too thick, so be sure to either whip it up well before adding it to your batter or dilute it slightly with some water. 

Cupcake Recipes Without Hard or Sticky Ingredients 

Ingredients such as caramel, toffee, hard or chewy candies, and jellies are prone to getting stuck between braces and teeth. Even though these decorative elements can make cupcakes extra tasty, they aren’t recommended in any capacity when you’re wearing braces. 

As you chew these items up, they can melt and create an uncomfortable film over your teeth and mouth that takes a lot of toothpicking and flossing to remove efficiently. 

Alternatives to Cupcakes for People with Braces

If cupcakes are too difficult to eat with your braces, there are ample sweet choices that are braces-friendly. If you’re a fan of sugary desserts, Jell-O and jellies that don’t contain any seeds are soft enough that they shouldn’t cling to braces. 

Chocolate lovers also have some braces-friendly sweets to indulge in. Soft chocolates that are easy to chew and don’t contain any sticky or hard components are perfectly fine. Pudding, ice cream with no chunks, and milkshakes are all delicious treats that shouldn’t get in the way of your braces. 

Can You Eat Icing With Braces?

A soft, creamy frosting or icing that is blended very well is perfectly fine to eat with braces. Icing that has any small bits of candy or sprinkles can be a little bit more difficult to eat. When it comes to thicker frostings like fondant that have to be chewed, it’s best to try and avoid it as much as you can. 

One thing to be mindful about when you eat icing is the very high sugar content. This means you need to be sure you give your mouth a very thorough clean when you eat a ton of sugar to avoid having it impact your oral health. 

Final Thoughts 

Cupcakes in and of themselves are safe foods when you have braces on. You just want to be aware of any additions made to a standard cupcake recipe. Ingredients that are hard to chew or are sticky shouldn’t be eaten with braces regardless if they’re on cupcakes or not. 

Eating an excess of sugary foods while wearing braces isn’t usually recommended since your teeth are already working extra hard to shift inside your mouth. Taking care of your oral health needs to be top priority, and that includes trying to limit foods that may be harmful to your teeth. Happy baking!

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